Every One a Missionary

Epworth strives to be truly alive (like our web address says).  As such, we’re undertaking an initiative that focuses on service in the name of God.  We believe everyone is called to be a missionary in some form, as we strive to be the hands and feet of God in the world.  Whether you’re three or 93, you can serve!

Have you ever felt the desire to do more, but couldn’t find the time, or weren’t sure where to start?  The list below offers many traditional and not-so-traditional ways to serve, many of which require very little time commitment.

After you’ve served in a particular area, tell us about your experience!  It’s important to highlight the successes of our work in the field, in order to inspire others in their work.  Click here to email us about your work, or to offer more ideas of ways to serve.  Our goal is to have 90 professions of service in the first 12 months of this initiative.

Anything you did for one of the least important of these, you did for me.”  - Matthew 25:40

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▶ Street Card Ministry

• "Street Cards" are pamphlets printed by Baltimore County with a list of resources for the homeless. They're available at any county library.


• Keep a stock of Street Cards in your car and/or wallet to give to panhandlers.

• Place a bunch of Street Cards in Epworth's Narthex, let people know they're available, and check occasionally to make sure they're fully stocked.

Mow a neighbor's lawn

Pick up trash, and wear a Christian/Epworth T-shirt while doing it to spark conversation

▶ Smile Ministry

• Intentionally smile at EVERYONE you encounter for an entire day (including yourself in the mirror), and keep notes on the responses you get.

▶ Post-it Ministry

• Leave Post-it notes on restroom mirrors with positive messages (“You're perfect the way you are,” “You are loved,” “You're beautiful!”)

▶ Organize a Bra Collection Drive to benefit survivors of human trafficking

• Free the Girls is a nonprofit dedicated to benefitting survivors of human trafficking. Donated bras are the starting inventory for the survivors' own business selling bras.


▶ Volunteer at Thrifty Penny

• Epworth's on-site thrift shop, providing low-cost items to the community, with proceeds going to many different ministries.

• Sales volunteers needed Thursday, Friday, Saturday, contact Barbara Jones, 410.472.4732

• Stock volunteers needed Tuesday, contact Linda Roeth, lroeth1@verizon.net, 410.667.6667


▶ Christian Fish Ministry

• Place a Christian fish emblem on your car, then drive like a Christian (no tailgating, no cursing the other drivers, always use your turn signal....)

• Purchase a bunch of the emblems and make them available to other Epworth folks who want them.

▶ Water Cooler Ministry

• Every time someone asks about your weekend, mention having gone to church, and see if it sparks conversation.

▶ Volunteer at UCAN or ACTC

• Both organizations were formed by a consortium of local churches to meet the needs of our neighbors.

• UCAN: Barbara Jones, help@ucanmd.org, 410-628-2102, http://ucanmd.org/index.html

• ACTC: Cathy Burgess, actc316@gmail.com, 410-296-4855, http://www.actconline.info/Home_Page.html

▶ Phone Ministry

• Make phone calls to Epworth family members who we haven't seen in a while.

• Contact the office for names/numbers: office@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Taxi Ministry

• Drive people to/from Epworth who need a lift.

• Spearhead an effort to solicit and maintain a list of willing drivers, and match them up with those needing a ride. Work with our IT Dept to put this "matchmaking" service on our website. Maybe the service can expand to include rides to doctor appts, etc.

▶ Host a Bible study at your home

• Start with Epworth friends, then invite your neighbors and others.

▶ Messenger Ministry

• Advertise sermon series and upcoming events at Epworth

• Hand out sermon series cards to neighbors

• Post the information on Facebook, or share & like Epworth's Facebook posts

• Phone a friend to share the upcoming event

• Write an old-fashioned letter to get the word out!

▶ Go on an Epworth mission trip

• Every year, Epworth sends a multi-generational team to an area of need around the country for a week of hands-on service.


• Contact: Reverend Bill Jones, epworthynya@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Baltimore County Christian Workcamp

• Repair homes and construct handicap ramps for low income county residents during the third week of July.

• Volunteer one day or all week.

• Donate money for supplies.

• Help cook/serve breakfast during that week.

• Youth welcome, no experience necessary.


• Contact: Beth Waltrup, the.gift@verizon.net, 410.828.9205 -or- Bill Jones, epworthynya@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Drive Epworth's food pantry donations to the drop off site

• Contact: Frieda Jeffers, hedgehog7@aol.com, 410.409.5937

▶ Serve as a member of Epworth's Missions & Outreach Committee


• Contact: Frieda Jeffers, hedgehog7@aol.com, 410.409.5937

▶ Start a Nurture Committee at Epworth to focus on the needs of the Epworth family

• Reach out to those who have been absent in worship recently.

• Provide food and/or care packages to shut-ins, new parents, and those recovering from illness/surgery.

• Contact: Pastor Trish Watson, leadpastor@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Serve those who serve

• Write letters to service men/women (a good ministry for kids).

• Assemble a group letter-writing event at Epworth so the impact is multiplied.


▶ Assemble the PowerPoint presentation for worship

• Contact: Barry Edwards, uncle.bear@comcast.net, 443.421.9127

For one entire week, whenever you find yourself complaining about something, immediately think of what you could do to fix the situation. Whenever possible, do it!

▶ Facebook Ministry

• Once a week, post a scripture passage or a quote from worship on your FB page.

▶ Carekit Ministry

• If you often encounter panhandlers, pack carekits to keep in your car and hand out.

▶ Host coffee hour one week

• Contact: Terri Kapuscinski, office@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Baking Ministry

• Make some goodies to be delivered to our homebound members, those recovering from illness/surgery, and those with newborns.

• Give to the (yet to be formed) Nurture Committee to deliver, or deliver yourself.

• Contact: Pastor Trish Watson, leadpastor@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Join the Epworth Knitters, and make hats for newborns

• Contact: Cathy Price, 410.666.1889

▶ Make crafts for the Christmas Bazaar

• Contact: Frieda Jeffers, hedgehog7@aol.com, 410.409.5937

▶ Handyman Ministry

• Offer your name to our Trustees Chair as a "handyman" who can be called upon as needed to change a light bulb, replace a furnace filter, rewire an outlet, prune a tree, etc.

• Contact: Pat Patrick, dpatrick@capid.net, 410.592.8957

Make a neighbor a meal "just because."

Start an Epworth Soup Tent that once a week takes food and related necessities out into the community where it's needed most.

Walk your neighborhood and pray for it.

▶ Be a greeter at the doors on Sunday morning

• Contact: Pastor Trish Watson, leadpastor@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Children's Ministry

• Help teach Sunday School or Children's Church.

• Contact: Anita Edwards, calamari62@comcast.net, 443.804.7171

• Lead an occasional Children's Message during worship.

• Contact: Gail McGucken, johnandgail1@msn.com, 410.666.8663

▶ Read to the kids in the Children's Center during the week

• Contact: Debbie Shafer, director@epworthchildrenscenter.com, 410.667.0720

▶ Workplace Ministry

• If you have an office or cubicle at work, hang a small knick knack (photo or scripture quote) that shows everyone you're a Christian. See if it sparks conversation.

Take your pet on a nursing home visit, or even a visit to one elderly neighbor.

▶ Join the choir

• Contact: Peter Morey, musicministry@epworthalive.com, 410.667.6054

▶ Volunteer to count the tithes and offerings on an occasional basis

• Contact: Alexa Sorant, sunbeam@alum.mit.edu, 410.472.3451

▶ Teach an adult literacy/ESOL class

▶ Green Thumb Mission

• Start a community garden as a way to share fresh food with those in need

▶ Volunteer at Karina Cafe

• A local program at Mays Chapel UMC providing once-a-month (1-4pm) respite care for youth and young adults with developmental disabilities.

• Help with art therapy, dance/movement therapy, music therapy, etc.

http://www.karina-association.org/, 443-928-0542

Organize a Red Cross Blood Drive at Epworth.

▶ Prison Ministry

• Kairos Prison Ministry seeks to bring the love of Christ to those affected by incarceration.

• Volunteer with Maryland Kairos: http://www.marylandkairos.org/volunteer.php

• Maryland Kairos also needs handwritten “agape letters,” and posters/placemats decorated by children.



• Matthew 25:36: "I was in prison and you visited me."

Be a "missions idea" person so this list keeps growing. Research what other churches and service organizations are doing, and borrow from them to add to this list (especially the non-traditional ideas).

▶ Habitat for Humanity

• Volunteer as a worker, leader, or in non-construction operations

• Assemble a group volunteer effort


▶ Single Volunteers of Baltimore and Annapolis

• Meet other local singles while doing local volunteer work.


▶ Villa Maria School in Timonium

• Located minutes from Epworth, Villa Maria provides intensive educational and clinical services for children and youth with emotional, learning and multiple disabilities.


▶ Silent Auction Ministry

• Donate a service or product to a silent auction for a worthy cause.

• Include a Christian fish symbol on your donation.

▶ Be a Big Brother or Big Sister

You may be experiencing a very difficult situation in your life right now, and perhaps you need to be the recipient of outreach more than you're able to reach out to others. Reach out to your church family and tell us your needs. When the storm passes, consider sharing your story with the congregation in order to help others going through the same situation. You can share in writing, via pre-recorded video, one-on-one, or via personal testimony in worship. It can be anonymous if you'd like. The sharing of a difficult story can be an important mission for someone needing to hear it.