Meet the Staff

Epworth United Methodist Church
600 Warren Road
Cockeysville MD, 21030


Pastor Trish comes to Epworth UMC after 7 years in Full-Time ministry. She has served 3 other appointments at churches in southern Indiana, Western Maryland, and West Virginia. Pastor Trish was born in Idaho, and lived the first 8 years of her life as a child of a military family. At age 8, her family settled in Calvert County Maryland. Pastor Trish has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Elon University, and a Masters Of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She was Commissioned as an Elder in the Southern Indiana Conference in 2007, and Ordained as an Elder in Full Connection in the Baltimore Washington Conference in 2010. She and her husband Dwight have been married for 8+ years, and have 3 children. 

Pastor Trish is passionate about having a worship experience that meets our needs, and calls people into deeper relationships with the divine. She believes that spending time studying the word and asking questions is vitally important to our faith-as is living out our faith through mission work in our community, both local and global. She welcomes conversations, loves diversity in all for ms and seeks to live as transparently and authentically as possible. She also loves good food, good chocolate, and a good book or two! Email Rev. Tricia Watson


Bill is a dynamic leader with more than 20 years’ experience in Youth Ministry and more than 11 years’ experience in Young Adult Ministry. Epworth is the 4th church that Bill has served, in addition to having been the District Youth Coordinator for the Baltimore North District, and the past coordinator of Baltimore Washington Conferences ROCK Retreat alongside his wife Pam. Bill holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, a Master’s Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary and a Certificate in Youth and Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. Before going into ministry Bill served as a Boatswains Mate in the United States Coast Guard Reserve and taught Middle School Social Studies for 6 years in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Bill is an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church and has served here at Epworth since 2002 as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. In addition, Bill is the husband of Pam Jones who teaches Middle High Sunday School and directs the Kid Shout Children’s Choir, and the father of Nathan and Joelle. Email Rev. Bill Jones


Debbie is been Director at Epworth Children’s Center for more than 22 years. She has a BS Degree in Elementary Education and an AA Degree in Early Childhood Education.  She feels so privileged to interact with children everyday and hear their exciting stories, witness so many special moments and see them laugh, learn and play! She strives to continue to provide a warm, caring environment that is conducive for children as they start their journey onto their social and educational path. Email Debbie Shafer


Once, there was a star that danced. And under that was born one Teresa. That Teresa grew up in a family of five with sass and aplomb. Migrating from the land of her birth in the scrappy wilds of New Jersey, her parents raised her to become a pillar of strength amid the arboreal lined streets of suburban Baltimore. As all young heroines must, young Teresa - now and forever holding the noble moniker Terri - ventured forth to greater adventures among the wild unknown. Along her journey she met the man who would one day capture her heart - her husband Ed. After much slaying of dragons, capturing of hearts, and eating of tacos, she has settled her home base with her beloved husband and their trusty canine companion, the forthright and true Damian. Email Terri Kapuscinski 

Elaine is fairly new to the Epworth church family.  She started in October of 2014 as the choir director and is looking forward to the opportunity to worship through music with all types of musicians, young and old(er), confident or shy.  

She was the director of music at Pine Grove, Rayville UMC in the far north of Baltimore County for the past 19 years.  She has been one of the conductors for the annual Christmas cantata performed by the Baltimore North Cluster of Churches for 18 years. This choir is made up of singers from the community and from many of the small churches in the area and usually has between 40-60 singers.   She is also an active member of the Cluster Liturgical Dance Choir.

Elaine has a degree in Choral Education from Michigan State University where she met her husband, John.  She taught music in the public schools in Michigan for several years and now is a music substitute in northern Baltimore County. She also sings in the Choral Society at Towson University.  John and Elaine have three children.  

Epworth has a very active music program with an adult choir, a children's choir, and a handbell choir.  There are also many opportunities for soloists to perform.  Elaine is very happy to be here and to share the joy of music with you. After all..."those who sing, pray twice". Email Elaine Gradowski

Anita Edwards is the volunteer leader of Children's Ministries.  Anita spent 16 years as a teacher in the Archdiocese of Baltimore at St. Katherine's in downtown Baltimore and St. Michael's in Overlea.  She has been a Sunday school teacher since the age of 19 at her home parish of St. Joseph's, St. Michael's and finally, here at Epworth.  Anita's goal for the children of Epworth is to develop a love of serving Epworth and their community and a love of fellowship with their peers at the church.  In her free time, Anita enjoys spending time with her husband Barry and all their furry children. Email Anita Edwards