Lay Leadership

Epworth Lay Leadership

Administrative Resource Team

The Epworth Administrative Resource Team (ART) is the policy-setting body of the congregation. It is similar to the Administrative Council, except it meets quarterly.  This body is the "Charge Conference" when a Charge Conference is convened by the District Superintendent.  The ART meets to review the church missions, outreach, ministries, finances, and building and grounds.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for providing well-maintained facilities for the ministries of the church as well as arranging for capital improvements, insurance, safety, and accessibility.  The Board has nine members.  Terms are for three years with one-third rotating off each year.  The Board elects its own President, Vice-President, and Secretary.

Staff-Pastor Relations Committee

This Committee is responsible for providing, equipping, and evaluating all paid staff to enable the church to fulfill its mission.  The Committee fosters communication and support between the congregation and the pastors. There are nine members with three year terms. Each year, one-third of the Committee rotates off. Contact the SPRC at

Finance Team

The Finance Team is responsible for collecting, depositing, and disbursing funds and managing the church stewardship funds. A budget is prepared annually for approval by the Administrative Resource Team and the team monitors church finances throughout the year. The team has nine members, plus the Treasurer, Finance Secretary, Epworth Children's Center Treasurer, and the Admin Chairs.  Terms are for three years with one-third rotating off each year.

Committee on Nominations and Lay Leadership

This team meets to identify, develop, and nominate lay leaders from the congregation.  The team includes 6 to 9 members serving for three years with one-third rotating off each year.