Adult Ministry


Looking for a way to grow spiritually? Or just looking for fellowship with other adults? If you're 18-35(ish) or just "young at heart", try attending the Young Adult Ministries small group study held every Thursday. If that's not what you're looking for, here's some activities that Epworth offers:

E3's (Epworth's Everybody Else)

The E3’s strive to offer Christian fellowship opportunities to all members and friends of Epworth.  Our mission is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in Epworth activities throughout the year.  We provide diverse activities to meet the interests of adults, seniors, young adults, children or all of the above.  We plan sporting events, nights at the symphony or dinner theater, day trips and family events. Everyone is welcome to join us at our biannual potluck planning meetings.  Contact Zoë Burger for more information.

Sunday mornings

Adult Small Group
We hold a Bible Study/Small Group meeting every Sunday starting at 9:15am, in the Library downstairs. Just bring a Bible, we'll provide the materials.

During the week
We offer all types of classes: short and long term, studies that you need to participate the whole times, or ones you can just "drop in" without disrupting the group or feeling awkward.  We offer studies for those who've never studied the bible before, and studies for those who might feel like they've done it all before!  Join us as we ask God to open the Word to us, and to change our lives.

  • Thursdays at 7pm: The Thursday night group meets at 7pm starting with a potluck dinner. We are currently studying a book called "The Way of Forgiveness."
  • Sundays at 6pm: The Sunday night Disciple Study meets at 6pm on Sundays in the Conference room. We will walk through the Old Testament in 12 weeks and the New Testament for 12 weeks.
  • Disciple Bible Study: this is a program of disciplined Bible Study, put out by our Methodist publishing house, Cokesbury, with the aim of developing strong Christian Leaders.  DISCIPLE is a program of disciplined Bible study aimed at developing strong Christian leaders. Looking at both the Old and the New Testament,  DISCIPLE draws upon the work of scholars, the personal Bible reading and study of the participant, and dynamic group discussion to aid understanding of the Bible.  Offered as requested.
  • Topical:  Lenten, and Advent studies, that focus on the themes of that season. We also offer a yearly Stewardship study, to help us all to be better stewards of what God's given us. Other topics offered as requested.
  • Bible 101: This study, written by Pastor Trish, is an 8 week introduction to the Bible.  If you've never done a study, or if you've been in studies all you're life, you'll feel comfortable here.  The goal of the study is to get you comfortable with Scripture, to help you understand how the Bible came together, how we read it, and how we should apply it to our daily lives.  This study will be offered every Fall as needed.
  • Methodist 101: Many of us today, join churches without knowing what distinguishes us theologically from the church next door.  Join us as we learn about John Wesley, and our other Faith Forefathers and Mothers, as well as our theological heritage, and denominational structure.  THis study will be offered in the Summer.